Hi !

My Name is Ankit Pal and I Love life , and why not there is nothing not to love about it, Right? 

Now that I am finally writing this section “About Me” after avoiding it for months as there is so much that is changing in time, and how could one possibly choose to say. After a lot of fighting with this thought, I realized it’s just a thought; and I write as it flows through my brains.

When i was a kid

The child in me is still alive...

I grew up in the lower Himalayan Shivalik Range. The mountain life home is very unique experience. Playing cricket in the open spaces and chasing the Ball down the hill or climbing cliffs to get it out of the bushes were some daily chores to keep our entertainment  going as kids. 

The walk to school was almost 10 K, unless a friend is kind enough to pick you on their way. Our soccer coach used it as a warmup to start the morning routines.  

Stages of Life...

Vancouvers Islands, British Colombia, Canada  2019


"Dreamer" I think anything is possible if you desire it enough to happen. Nothing escaped my wild dreams but time and change. That which is in no ones control. Soon enough it was obvious how I wanted to spend my time.

Dream Wilder

Mt. Laussadatt, Bleaberry British Columbia 2017

Present !

In this present stage of my life I am very much Blissed out by just doing the Daily chores of life, Which for me are work, some sort of physical training, eat and sleep. But working outdoors in the mountain does not feel like work anyway. It is like a "Present" of a Lifestyle.

The Mountains 

Goa, India 2019


Who wants to know the future, Its like watching the movie you already know the ending to. But I Strive to have a better one; More sustainable, more sensible , and more alive !
My Goal..

To Be Alive

Some Key Moment

Stories through a lens...


Jasper, Alberta Canada T0L1E0


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